“It’s no secret that the wrong lampshade can ruin a designer’s best intentions for any space. More often than not, it’s the last thing we figure into the mix…and time after time we’ve turned to Cecilia to help us polish and fine-tune the indispensable cover that shields and softens the point of illumination. Her shades integrate flawlessly, comfortably, perfectly—at whatever level we ask of them—and they have never, not even once, failed to make the subtle difference that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.”
-Rebecca Bradley

For over 20 years, Cecilia McGuire has been continuously honing her craft, creating elegant and innovative, distinctive custom made lampshades using a variety of materials and techniques.

Whether it’s working with papers that are woven, painted, cut, leafed and lacquered to traditional hardbacked silks and linens, CM Shades provides the design trade with the resource to define their own unique lighting style for each project.

Cecilia works on a wide spectrum of projects, from high-end residential to commercial. Her past commissions range from the Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of Milan, a fly fisherman’s getaway compound in Montana, the Trapp Family Lodge ski resort in Stowe, VT to luxurious, private residences throughout the world. CM Shades also works closely with several high-end lighting firms, designing and producing their shades.

CM Shades is represented by furniture and design showroom, Sloan Miyasato.

“Her craftsmanship is absolutely the very best.”

Orlando Diaz Azcuy